Acer ultrabook

Acer Green Instant On

Save time with Acer Green Instant On. Put the Aspire S Series to sleep, and spring it back to life in less than 2 seconds! After 8 hours in Sleep mode, or after the period you set, the notebook enters Deep Sleep, conserving battery life for up to 50 days1, 2… yet when you come back, your Aspire S Series turns right on and everything looks exactly as you left it!

Instant Connect

Thanks to Acer Instant Connect, you can now say goodbye to long waits to get connected. The Aspire S Series remembers your favorite access points and reconnects to them instantly, so you can get on the Internet in just 2.5 seconds -- 4X faster1, 2 than notebooks without this technology.


Viewed from any angle, the Aspire S Series is super slender. At its thinnest point, it's just 13 mm (0.51") slim. Revolutionary display technology integrates the 13.3" frame, cutting the bezel thickness by a third and giving you the perfect slice of life.


The aluminum/Mg-Al design gives the Aspire S Series a sleek look and feel and makes the notebook as light as a feather -- at less than 1.4 kg1 -- while also protecting the LCD. Gorgeous, light and durable, the Aspire S Series is a pleasure to carry anywhere.


Take everything you need, everywhere you go! A 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor speeds up multitasking and consumes less power, while the solid state drive gives you quick access to your files, and an optional HDD1 offers huge storage space. The embedded lithium-polymer battery can last up to 7 hours2, 3 on a single charge, extending your mobile freedom further.

Cool and Comfortable

The Aspire S Series features an innovative thermal design that keeps you comfortable even when you use the notebook for hours at a time. The new airflow design channels air from the keyboard to keep the notebook constantly cool, and directs warm air toward the rear, away from you.

Beautifully Rich Dolby® Sound

Slender but bold, the Aspire S3 sports professionally tuned speakers with Dolby® Home Theater® v4 for trumpeting cinema-quality sound, while HDMI® connectivity is your ticket to high-definition large-screen entertainment. The key to manipulating your media is Acer, which lets you easily manage, store, share and enjoy your files from any device in your network. You can also connect to social networking sites via to check out new content from friends, as well as publish your own stuff.



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